I'm so excited you have decided to live a healthier life, you will not believe how good you will feel by doing this. As we grow older the need to look after our bodies is more important than ever!

Collagen diminisches, storing fat becomes even easier, the ability to lose weight is harder....We are fighting to stay young... well it doesnt have to be this hard. This is why I designed this program

Firstly please purchase a journal or a diary, this will help you keep track on what foods you are eating and how you are feeling. A pattern may appear with emotions and bad eating habits, the healthier you are the better control you will have

Try and do 10 minutes of exercise everyday and add a 30 minute brisk walk into your day. To be honest that's all you need but for those that want to do more....please please go do more....the heathier you eat the more energy you have the more you want to do

I want us to approach life in a more calm and stress free way, that means deleting people that suck the life out of you, make new friends that are positive and full of life, manage your time better by pre planning, write down your goals and put them somewhere where they are always visible. Construct a vision board it's a brilliant idea and helps keep your eye on your goals

Make sure you read the nutrition and the fitness section before deciding on what phase you are going to start with, and good luck I am with you every step of the way

cara xx