Classes highlighted in black are in the halls.
Zumba is only available to Hall users and full members through facebook LIVE.
Full members receive Hall classes, facebook and zoom classes.
Hall classes are pay as you go or join as a member

To book the hall classes you need to message me direct first before paying for your slot. 07958 642258

All ZOOM and facebook LIVE classes have unlimited places. If you have paid and booked for any class you will be sent a link to access those workouts

Full member access (hall, zoom and facebook) is only £50 a month

Hall classes only £40 a month

Zoom classes only £32 a month

Facebook only is £20 a month (at least 5 recorded classes a week)

Pay as you go LIVE (hall) is £5 a class

Pay as you go online is £4 a class

Fitness Class descriptions

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Zumba is a fast paced, fun cardio workout. Zumba is a combination of different styles of dance and aerobics. So bring your energy, enthusiasm and exuberance, and most importantly enjoy yourself! Available Live in the Hall or to members only on facebook LIVE

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This class is aimed at people who crave for a light and easy workout. It's a weighted workout which will strengthen, tone and build resistance. We work on mobility, balance and strength using light dumbbells and a chair. If you dont have dumbbells, cans of food will do!

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The power of pilates is often overlooked. A low impact class to help gain core strength, work on your mobility and is key to muscle rehabilitation.. This class will be a mixture of slow and fast paced moves to get your heart rate up whilst working on muscular endurance and mobility. All you need is a mat.

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Relax, reduce your stress levels and take advantage of some quiet time. Yoga requires flexibility, mobility and using all your muscles. Improves your posture, balance, co-ordination, then take full advantage at the end of class with some well deserved relaxation.

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80's and 90's dance trends are all you need for a calorie busting workout. Step back in time as we re-visit the grapevine and box step. 45 minutes of pure hardcore aerobics, learning a 3 block dance routine. Make sure you bring your A game and leg warmers! Available on Zoom only

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is a high-energy fitness class with moves that cater for total beginners to total addicts. We combine athletic movements like running, jumping, plyos and lunging. Constantly challenging your limits in a good way.

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Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition. Pump Hiit gives you a total body workout in a Hiit style manor. You will push out as many reps as you can in the designated time before swiftly moving on to the next move. This workout will leave you feeling pumped.

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A low impact class to help you work on building muscle as well as your cardiovascular ability. Working to 45 sec with 15 sec rest. You will work on power and functional movements. A brilliant way to burn fat and get fitter and stronger. You need two weights, dumbbells are ideal - but anything you have!

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Is a workout using 3 components. Aerobic / Strength / combat. This high-energy martial arts-inspired workout is totally non-contact. Punch and kick your way to fitness. Release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ. Bring your best fighter attitude and leave inhibitions at the door.

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Are you ready to get those glutes burning? Feel the burn with this high repetition, mini band workout. Essential for balance, strength and posture. Designed to target specific areas of your body, to tone, stabilise and build muscle. A resistance band is recommended but not essential.

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A 30 minute full on ab burner workout. Working on all different time scales...sometimes we rest, sometimes we don't! Designed to target your abs and your abs only.

Here are some workout examples we get up too


Yoga Stretch

Dance Fit

Easy Fit