Nutrition stuff

So this is the most important part of your program....WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH!!!

Getting your diet right will keep your body fat down, increase your energy levels and make you feel good

Why wouldn't you want all of those things???

We want to nourish our bodies and give them the right foods in order to stay healthy, fight off infections and diseases and live a long and energetic life

This plan has 3 phases, Intense detox, a continuation of the intense detox and the lifestyle plan. If you really want to hit it hard start with phase 1. If you think phase 1 is too hard start on phase 2, otherwise its phase 3 which is easy once you have all your cravings under control. Starting on Phase 1 is perfect for those that drink too much alcohol, caffeine and eat way too much sugary foods and also may be suffering with food allergies. Starting on phase 2 is for active people that wouldnt be able to drop carbs for 2 weeks. The 3rd phase is your forever lifestyle diet


  • Limiting what you can and can't have
  • No carbs
  • Allowing the liver to have a vacation, as it gets bogged down with bad foods, medication and toxins
  • Allows the body to digest food easily
  • We begin the process of learning what our bodies are intolerant too
  • We lose lots of water weight that our bodies hold onto because of certain foods (can be up to a stone)
  • Energy levels may drop, skin can become spotty, headaches normally up to day 4. Your toxins are being released and expelled
  • Puffiness has reduced, mid-section is smaller


  • Reintroducing 2 portions of carbs a day, but gradually. Keep a check on your weight loss/gain
  • Knowing what carbs affect our bodies in a bad way
  • Fat is starting to decrease
  • Skin is clearing up, energy levels start to increase
  • Body is changing and noticeable getting smaller


  • Reintroducing dairy, more carbs and more foods
  • Increasing portion sizes providing your weight doesn't go up, we are all different, some can handle more carbs then others
  • Fat loss still decreasing
  • More energy
  • Looking and feeling better
  • Muscles are becoming fuller again and more defined

If you don't prepare your meals, you are more likely to fail. Write up what you are going to eat for the week and stick to it. You will be surprised how easy it is when it comes to meal time, less time thinking about what you want to cook, more time doing things you love to do