About Cara Maker

Hi I'm Cara Maker! Throughout my career I have educated and supported thousands of women achieve their goals through my methods.

I'm recognised as one of the top instructors in my area, catering for every level and ability. My main aim is to not exclude anyone that wants to start their fitness journey with me. I have a 'you can do anything attitude' and a positive outlook on life which is very contagious! 

Since the age of 11 I have been participating in and involved with athletics. I was the Sussex Triple Jump and 300 Metre Hurdles Champion for 7 years running.

As a recognised Zumba expert I was contacted by the creators of the popular and well known Wii game series Zumba Fitness. I filmed many of the moves and motions in the game. 

I also trained at a National level as a Bikini Competitor. In my first show I came 5th in the world championships. In my second show I won. 

I was getting ready for another year of tough competitions but due to the coronovirus I have decided to go back into winter training.... Just before this I won the British title indoor long jump earlier this year, with a personal best of 5m08. My aim is to breaks the record of 5m61!!

Cara live is designed to do at home. There will be many classes to choose from which will help you towards your goals. It's all live which will make you feel like you are in a class.

Each video will explain technique, cues so you can train with me!

All videos are suitable for complete beginners and adaptations will be offered all the way.

Join us and make your health and fitness goals a reality with Fitness With Cara!