All you need to know about Microblading

Advantages of Microblading

  • Each hair line in the brow can be drawn extremely precisely
  • Brows can be evenly shaped after the first pass through
  • An exact cut with sharp lines is created in one movement
  • Always a finely defined line after the skin closes
  • Very little bleeding
  • Faster healing process

On arrival to the clinic, you will let the Brow artist know if you had any allergic reaction to the patch test you had been sent previously. A form will be signed to verify this. Numbing cream will be applied here.

Next we will go into great detail about the consultation form, ticking off any issues you may have, discussing about it and making notes. We need to know everything about you in order for the treatment to work optimally and that there is no contraindication present that could affect the uptake of the pigment.

A conversation about your expectations, shape and colour will be discussed throughly. Mapping will then start. This can take time, as brow artists we have a duty to make sure that both eyebrows are sitting perfectly and are the correct shape and size for your face. You will then get a chance to assess for yourself and only then when you are 100% happy, sign the consent form for your artist to start microblading. This section of the treatment is also agreeing what colour pigment to use. There are many factors involved when deciding on the right colour pigment, so again this can take time.

All PPE is applied throughout both sections. Drawing and then microblading, this is to avoid cross contamination. Keeping you safe and the Brow artist safe.

Once the Brow artist has microbladed the first row of hair strokes a different type of numbing cream will be applied (same one as your patch test) this one is a topical one and goes into the very fine cuts on your skin, helping to reduce the discomfort even more. 

Once we have finished the treatment, the look of your eyebrows will appear much darker then you would be expecting. This will fade in about 2 weeks. You must follow your aftercare procedure to the letter in order to maintain the pigment in the skin. If you do not follow the aftercare advice the pigment may fall out and your eyebrows will fade very quickly.

Although we do everything in our power to make this treatment as comfortable as possible, some people will feel it more than others.

You will need to book a top up follow up appointment in 4-6 weeks. This is in case we need to add more hairstrokes, make the eyebrows thicker or darker, or just adding a few tweaks. 

Once this process is complete you do not need to book another appointment for another 6 months to 18 months after your initial appointment. Again this all depends on how you look after your new eyebrows. Most people come back after 6 months as they like the fresh look.

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