Tell me more about the C Fit Club?

Once you have joined you will benefit from...

  • At least 5 Live classes every week via FB and 10  classes a week via ZOOM
  • Live workouts on zoom with personalised music
  • Recorded workouts you can access whenever you like on facebook
  • Members only club
  • Weekly support and encouragement
  • Help and advice regarding injuries
  • 20% Discount on personalised programs

How do I join?

Once you have purchased the full member option, you will receive an email and a link to join our facebook group.

Once you are accepted in to the facebook group you will be able to view past workout videos as well as the new ones that will be going up weekly. You will also be sent the Zoom Link.

I would recommend purchasing some dumbbells (between 1 to 3kg) and a mini resistance band that goes around your legs. These tools will help you achieve results quicker and you will notice your strength increase. Having a mixture of dumbbell weights will keep your workouts challenging. If you don't have any dumbbells or do not wish to buy any, you can load water bottles up with water, sand or pebbles! Oh and don't forget to get yourself a yoga or fitness mat xx