All classes that Cara offers are suitable for men and women. She can cater for all ages and abilities and is able to throw out level 1 options to level 5 options if and when its needed. So if you are a complete beginner you are in safe hands, and for those that want the more advanced exercises those to will be given.

Beach body with Cara


Hiit Training can burn the same amount of calories in 30 minutes as you can in 60 minutes. In my HIIT class we use body weight exercises to target those stubborn areas and to shred fat fast. Great for improving fitness fast and brilliant for cross training especially runners!

Body sculpt with Cara



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Zumba class with Cara


An easy to follow Dance fitness programme featuring dance movements inspired by famous movies and dance videos. Using all era's of music that you recognise and love. It will take a couple of sessions to get use to the moves, but all dances will be available for you to practice on you-tube soon!

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Pilates with Cara


Pilates is a series of non-impact exercises designed to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and inner awareness. Using resistance bands, pilate balls and body weight. Half of the class is based on standing exercises, the other half is on the floor. It's perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen core and back, improve posture and increase range of movement.


Finally an Over 50's class....but you don't have to be over 50! This fun class is designed to increase strength, balance, mobility and heart health. Hand-held weights, resistance bands, pilate balls and chairs are used for seated and standing exercises.

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A flexibility class to lengthen and stretch the whole body. Stretch & Yoga is stretching exercises and yoga poses combined. We start with a tai-chi warmup, followed by sun salutations, leading into warrior poses, balance and floor poses. All aspects of the class are catered to the level of the participants and options offered all the way through.

You do not need any experience.


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What do I need to wear?

Comfortable clothes, preferably leggings or yoga pants. T-shirts or vests and trainers if participating in zumba, beach body and clubbercise. It is preferred to practice Body Flow and Pilates in bare feet but not essential.

What do I do when I arrive?

Come and see me first - I am always at the front by the stage. If you are paying for each session individually I'll provide you with a loyalty card. All new members need to fill out a medical health questionnaire. This ensures I understand your needs and that you are covered by my insurance.You will then find a space on the floor, and prepare yourself for your workout.

What do I need to bring?

For Pilates and Body flow a yoga mat of any kind. Most supermarkets sell them or you can buy them online. I always have 2 spare with me.A water bottle, you will need to keep hydrated throughout the entire class. There are also toilet facilities and a water fountain to refill our bottles up.Glow sticks are needed of you are participating in clubbercise, I have them to buy for £5 or you can borrow them for £1.

I have problems with my knees, I'm pregnant, I'm not flexible?

A lot of people suffer with the same issues with regards to knees and lower back. I will give you options all the way through. If any exercises create any discomfort please inform me straight away. If you are Pregnant the Pilates class however is not advisable with myself.


Well this is how you can combat it. Find patience, stick with it and you will be amazed with the results. For all other classes take the low impact option.

I don't know any of the steps, will I look out of place?

Of course you won't. I have people coming to me for years and they still go the wrong way sometimes. Over the next few classes you will learn my hand signals and become familiar with the songs and routines. You will be surprised how quickly you will pick this up. And if you don't, who cares. Zumba and DiscoRave is all about having fun and dancing to amazing music.