Finding it hard?

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What are you finding hard?

I am finding it hard to write a blog every week....

I am finding it hard to put in enough study time for uni....

I am finding it hard to find time to make up choreography....

What I'm not finding hard is eating healthy and natural.....It's been 4 months since I had a chocolate bar, but I caved in last week. The reason is because I didn't prepare my food. I forgot to go shopping, actually I couldn't be bothered. So I ended up eating subways, sushi from supermarkets, a whisper!!!!!! and somehow chips creeped back in. This did only last 2 days, but in those 2 days I now have 2 spots on face and my mood was actually a good lesson to learn from, because I wont be doing that again.

I love eating healthy and clean and treating myself to a curry everyweek. I live by the rule....everything in clean, natural, organic 90% of the time and then it leaves you with 10% to eat what I call naughty treats. 

This way you are not bombarding your body with S**T food and your immune system will cope better with the said S**T food in your system. If you continually feed your body S**T are majorly comprimising your immune system. Why do think cancer has shot up? Why are more kids sick? Why are people dying from disease that can easily be avoided?


Eat process meat all the time?? High risk of developing cancer!!

Eat, drink dairy? High risk of developing breast cancer!! 

Taking your child for their injections/boosters? Risk of autoimmune diseases and the big killer leukemia. 

If you limit all of these your risk reduces, your body can handle small doses but it cant hande massive ones.

Example if you take your child to have a booster, and they inject 9 different ones at the same time....what do you think will happen? Firstly they are injecting your child with the said virus/ bacteria (most of them the child doesnt even need) so now the immune system has 9 different strains of bacteria/viruses to kill. How strong does your immune system need to be to fight all of that?!! Can you see what can happen? In some cases children can't fight all these foreign substances and what can happen is the body turns on itself and starts attacking it's own immune system thus creating an autoimmune disease like, asthma, MS, Type 1 diabetes and cancer.

So how do I avoid my child getting sick? Firstly don't take your child to the doctor when they are under the weather. They need to be 100% fit before even considering having a booster. Secondly have the injections spread out so the immune system can recover before the next injection. Thirdly research and ask yourself does your child really need that injection?

(PLEASE NOTE This is my opinion and my findings, please seek professional help from a qualified nutritionist, until I'm qualified)

As with processed meats - to include - sausages, ham, slices of wafer thin meats....all of these are easy to avoid. Eat the meat as it should be (organic if possible, even better ditch the meat) Processed meat goes through a process where 'other stuff is added' that can increase cancer risks by up to 18%

Like I have always said, if you want to avoid becoming ill, sort your food out!

What I am trying to say is that a plant based diet is more healthier....try it for a month and let me know how you feel xx