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Blog number 2! What's been happening in your life? Made any changes? 

To be honest I have dreaded the supermarket shop, I mean having to wander around for hours because I have no idea what I'm cooking and what I should be eating. Does anyone know???? It's funny because I write out nutrition plans and guide people through healthy eating, but I struggle myself. I wouldn't say I hate cooking, I would say I'm one of the those poeple that don't really know how to cook and make things really tasty. So I always opt for the easy to prep meals, some of you will know where I'm coming from.... So this is where the real battle is....It's easy to eat healthy if you have someone cooking for you all day and prepping your every day meals, but when you do it yourself...OMG...I literally can't be bothered. Oh hello frozen fish and chips that I shove in the oven and 25 minutes later its cooked and I can eat. Little effort and nicely full up!!!! NNNNNOOOOOOO STOP right there!!!! Frozen fish in breadcrumbs??????Frozen Chips????? Where's the vegetables??? Where's the fresh wholesome food???

I know I know I should practice what I preach, but it's hard isn't it. Well I am making a conscious effort to change my ways and you do too (well some of you, actually most of you, Isn't that why your reading this, to change your life, your habits?)

So I have decided to avoid meat and fish as much as possible, opting for a more Vegan style diet. Like I said before I'm not labelling myself but sometimes it's a pain in the arse. You get invited round for a family dinner and your the only one thats vegan/vegetarian. Don't you think sometimes it's easier to not bother? Or bring your own food? MMmmmmm so yesterday it being Easter, my mum cooked a roast. I had cheese and onion pie, a yorkie and some potatoes. Now you see my point.....people try to accommodate you but forget dairy is part of an animal. So instead of throwing a hissy fit, I eat it, because remember I am not a label and it's not often someone cooks for me.

With that being said 75% of my diet is natural and healthy and well the other part......(I CANT GIVE UP CHOCOLATE YET!!!!) is not.

Walking around asda today was dyer, I hate it, I really do!! Every month (it feels like) they change all the shelves around so it takes me even longer to find the stuff I want. I hate supermarkets, I want the old fashion greengrocers, farm shops. But everything is so far away from each other....oh but wait, I was at my mums and caught sight of a box with the words Abel & Cole stamped on the side. What is this??? OMG an organic farm shop online that delivers to your door. AMAZING!! Having a look on their site and the prices are fairly reasonable and I will be putting an order in tonight. The delivery day for my area is friday hence why I am in asda now. Need some stuff to tie me over.

I'm making a vegetable soup with Tofu for my lunches as it's still cold outside. I have sourdough bread, avocado and eggs for breakfast. For dinner I will have vegetarian sausages with sweet potato and for snacks I have VIVO (vegan protein powder) and hummous with veg sticks. I think this is a good start. Once my cooking skills are up to scratch I will be experimenting more. But for this week I am happy that I will be fed good food and to fill my body up with some decent nutrition.

Once a week prep what your going to eat for the coming week, I tend to eat the same thing everyday. It normally lasts a month and then I get bored and move onto something else. I don't do variety, not sure why...maybe if I was to cook for my husband I would but he cooks his own food (weird I know, but it works for us)

So my asda bill cost me £36. This gave me 3 weeks worth of soups everyday!!! Breakfast, Dinner and snacks for the next 7 days. Bargain!!! So we will see how I get on with this and if I stick to it. 

So after spending 45 minutes cooking my soup I'm now going to bake some oat muffins with blueberries and bananas for my pre class snack!!

Stay Healthy xx