Let's go Natural

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Hi there, 

Firstly I would like to thank you for logging on and reading my very first blog!! Now I'm no expert but hoping you will find this interesting and will continue to read and digest.

I'm no writer, actually I think my english is sometimes a little on the poor side (so I apologise)

So I am a personal trainer, teach exercise to music and guide people in the right direction, I'm not academic but more of a hands on approach girl, which is why I find writing difficult.

 I decided to write a blog this weekend. I wanted to get my point across without forcing people to follow, a blog where people can make up their own mind about turning natural, and by natural I mean ditching chemicals, preservatives, poisons, bad life choices....the list goes on.

This blog is to help me and maybe help you to make changes one at a time, like food choices, in-house cleaners, cosmetics.....again the list goes on.

I was recently in london this weekend and next door to my hotel was this beautiful cafe (I can't remember what it was called) on the menu was this vegan hot cocoa...I said to my husband I wanted to try it, the lady must of thought I was mad as I ordered a ham and leek quiche at the same time...(like I said I am making changes but one at a time....don't judge, cos I don't) I've never tasted anything so good!!! It had just the right amount of sweetness and wasn't too overpowering, this was an easy switch to oat milk rather than cow's milk. I probably wouldn't put oat milk on my oats, although I may try it, I do love almond and coconut milk, I just have to find a good source that is natural with no chemicals or preservatives. Yes I may pay extra, but I'd rather pay more and know what I'm putting in my body!

12 months a go I decided to study Naturopathy, a course to help me choose the right life choices, be it food, work, life in general. The reason why I wanted to do this was because of my husband, we had a little scare a while ago...I had cancer cells in my cervics, people around me said not to worry as it was common, but what if I'm the unlucky one? what if it progressed? I spotted my husband doing research, research that didn't involve Chemotherapy. He made me aware of the statistics of people that survive with Chemo and the people that chose not too....I was astounded!!! 2% survive with Chemo while 28% survived doing nothing!!! Now you know why I was more interested in natural healing.

I'm 8 days in and have learnt so much already, but still no where near...I want to give my body the best chance possible, I want to be fit and healthy and live a long happy life. But to do this I need to make changes now, not later when I'm ill, but NOW!!

My nan died of Pancreatic cancer, she also had rheumatoid arthritis, a stent in the heart and was on blood thinners. I miss my nan but I know she is in a much better place because she was always in so much pain!!! It does make me wonder, did the medication kill her in the end??? Have you really read what the side effects are in medication that doctors prescribe??? Did you know you can heal a lot of diseases by Nutrition?  I didn't either, and so here I am enrolled on a course that's about to change my, my family and friends and hopefully your life.

Here's to the next chapter in our lives xxx