AUGUST Class timetable Tuesday's full body and fridays yoga is online Friday is at Patcham memorial Hall

Class descriptions

For more classes please visit my You tube channel or become a facebook member which has hundreds of pre-recorded workouts stored.

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Zumba dance

Zumba needs no introduction. The most enjoyable dance class and an energetic one at that! I use all types of different music, mainly songs you have heard before. We salsa, we hip hop and dance cumbia...the list is endless!

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Pilates yoga fusion

Not your usual pilates/yoga class...Most of our issues are from our bottoms, weakness, tightness and non activation. So our main focus is on glute strength and core strength to help recifiy these problems while using small mini bands. We then use the yoga stretches to help relieve troublesome areas. A class that any ability can do.

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Easy Fit/Total body workout

Initially I created this class for the older generation but it seems all ages enjoy this class. It's very easy to follow and using 1kg dumbbells, resistance bands, and a chair I guarantee a good all over body workout.

Body strength is very important especially as we grow old. It helps us through the menopause and keeps us strong and mobile as we hit our golden years.